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Will Prull of Prull Custom Builders in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Episode Summary

Today Ted speaks with Will Prull, President of Prull Custom Builders, a locally owned and operated Sante Fe company that has been in business for over 40 years. Prull has built award-winning homes expressed in Pueblo Revival, Territorial, and Contemporary architecture. Over the years, they have been on the leading edge of the solar, green, and healthy home building movements.

Episode Notes

Asked why there seems to be a lack of tradespeople today, Will says that there simply aren’t enough opportunities for apprenticeship in the US.

Serious journeymen find themselves having to leave the country for an extended period of time in order to learn the craft they want to make a career out of—such as Will’s own son, who lived in Japan for three years learning to become a knifemaker with the local masters.

Ted and Will reflect on the great artists and craftsmen throughout history, from musical greats such as Elton John and Bob Dylan to the legendary architects that dreamed up the Parthenon and the iconic elevated wooden structures of Japan.

While Will doesn’t believe he even holds a candle to these visionaries, he finds meaning and fulfillment in simply being able to contribute to the visual fabric of his community and leave that architectural legacy long after he’s gone.

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